10 Tips to Motivate Yourself to Work Out

Working out is hard enough without having to worry about motivation. It’s way easier to sit on your couch and eat ice cream all summer, but if you want to be stay healthy and get that bod, as Britney says, you better work b*tch. Here are some tips that my friends, family and I use to stay motivated to work out eeeeven when the couch looks so much more appealing.

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How I Start All of My Workouts: Pilates 100

The Pilates Hundred is a classic Pilates exercise, and even the days I don’t do Pilates, I begin every workout with this move! It increases circulation, focuses on breathing, and gets your tummy flat in no time. It’s called “The 100” because you inhale for 5 counts and exhale for 5 counts until you reach 100 – simple enough!

The thing I love about this exercise is that there are so many different variations you can do based on your ability. For a beginner modification, keep your feet flat on the floor or move them to table top position and pump the arms lower to the ground. For an advanced modification, stretch your legs out eye-level – it’s a huge challenge!

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The Best Plank Position You’re Not Doing

It’s hard to not have a love-hate relationship with planks. On the one hand, they literally tone all parts of your body at once, and are proven to be one of the best ab/core exercises you can do. On the other hand, they hurt like a mother and it’s not exactly fun to stare at your countdown clock for one minute while your whole body trembles and sweat pours from your face. Oh planks, what would I do without you?

There are tons of variations of plank positions to keep you from getting bored and to engage new muscles, but I recently discovered one particular plank move that I never thought to do before, and I knew I had to share it!

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How to Start Your Morning in a Healthy Way

How to Start Your Morning in a Healthy Way

Start your morning

I’ve been working on making a concerted effort to have more successful mornings lately, and so far, it’s going pretty well! Forbes shares that successful people have their day mapped out within the first hour of being awake, and while I’m not that prepared in the morning, here’s what I’ve started doing to make sure my day starts better than ever!Read more…    

Ballet Stretches for Flexibility

Ballet Stretches for Flexibility

Alright… truth… I went through a phase in my adult life where I wanted to be a ballerina. I mean, who watches Black Swan and doesn’t?? Starting ballet at age 25 with no experience required me to: take classes with 10-year-olds, contort my body as it had never been bent before, and understand why no one over the age of 20 should ever wear a leotard and pink tights.

My DIY Ballet Bar

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5 Creative Ways to Stay Fit on Vacation

I love me some beach yoga

Our Jamaican all-inclusive vacation last week was filled with sunshine, beaches, and plenty of adult drinks. Vacation is the perfect time to feel good and relax, but it’s tough for me to watch all of my hard work go down the tube as I stuff my face with a third helping of croissants at breakfast. Who says you can’t keep up with your fitness just because you’re away from home? Here are 5 clever ways to stay in shape on vacation:Read more…