Stop & Smell the Vintage Roses | VIPme Dress Review

Stop & Smell the Vintage Roses | VIPme Dress Review

I can’t believe summer is coming to an end, but it was a beautiful few months filled with beautiful summery dresses! For my last farewell of these hot Chicago months and transition to fall, I’m sharing two pieces I received from the fabulous online clothing boutique, VIPme (be on the lookout for another post next week!).VIP ME VIP me close up

This vintage printed short sleeve midi dress is too cute for words. It comes with a matching belt that provides a beautiful hourglass shape, perfect for that vintage look I was going for.Vip Me Dress

Although it has two layers for volume, this A-line dress is 100% cotton, so it breathes wonderfully even on a hot day. I can see myself wearing this to a day party, the park, or a bridal shower, and accessorize with a hat or cute clutch. VIPme has tons of adorable and unique dresses just like this; I love having pieces that I know not many other people own!VIP MeIf you like this adorable vintage dress, you can find it and hundreds more over at Their website is really user-friendly, and they offer almost every style you can think of at an affordable price. They also offer free shipping promotions, so enter your email for special offers! Don’t forget to use promo code SIJessica99 for $5 off your first order of $50! Here are a few more vintage pieces that I’m looking forward to snagging in my next order.. 🙂
VIP Me Dresses

SISTER TIP: You can download the VIPme IOS app to bring even more brands into your pocket!

How are you styling your transition to fall??

Pineapple Romper

Pineapple Romper

Summer is in full swing, and I love sharing my sunshine-filled OOTDs on my Instagram page! (follow me here!) Once in a while, I’ll wake up, workout, shower, and put something on that just makes me smile all day, and this is one of those outfits!

Pineapple Jumper

This summery pineapple romper is too cute for words. It has a back-tie detail and is loose and airy on these 95-degree Chicago days. Pineapples are all the rage lately, and anything I can get my hands on with this adorable lil crown-wearing fruit brings me joy!Pineapple RomperUnfortunately, the style I’m wearing is sold out, but you can get on the list at Lulu’s for a white version, which is just as cute, maybe even cuter!

What are you favorite summer looks?? Share them below!

Chicago Heart Wall

Chicago Heart Wall

Heart WallHeart Wall

One of my favorite things to do around the city of Chicago is to find pretty murals and unique backdrops for photographs. The city is so vibrant and full of art, and every corner has surprising amounts of character and love.

Heart Wall 2

This pink heart garage is hidden away on 1820 W Webster, and it’s the perfect spot for engagement pictures, or just to peek at during a Sunday stroll through the city. Ironically, as my friend and I were taking these shots, an adorable couple with their baby were walking by, and I asked if they wanted me to take a family picture (she shared that it was actually their first photo together as a family!) and it could not be cuter.Heart WallH&M Off the Shoulder Dress $14.99 (check for restocks)IMG_0040

What to Do With Old Clothes

What to Do With Old Clothes

What to Do With Old ClothesHappy Earth Day, my fellow conservationists! The idea of saving the planet can be really overwhelming, but I’m one to assume the belief that EVERY little bit helps, no matter how small. The statistics are mind numbing – according to the Council for Textile Recycling, in the U.S. alone, we generate 25 billion pounds of clothes, shoes and bedding each year. Billion – with a B! And the worst part is, we only recycle around 15% of that, which means a whopping 85% ends up in landfills.

Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 10.41.17 AM

If you’re looking to do a little spring cleaning and try to help the planet out a bit, here are a few of my favorite ideas for your old, unwanted clothes!

1) Take them to H&M

One of my favorite things to do with unwanted clothes is take them to H&M and turn them over to their recycling program. Added bonus – this week, to celebrate World Recycle Week, you earn a 30% coupon for any item in their store! That’s an incredible discount to grab a new bathing suit, pair of jeans, or purse for the new season.

Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 10.50.18 AM

2) Sell them online

Most people know about clothing stores that allow you to sell and buy gently-worn clothes, but it’s the 21st century! Poshmark is definitely the way to go, and I have friends that make hundreds from this clothing-sale app each month. Think of Poshmark as Instagram combined with eBay. You can post and view people’s closets, comment and like their clothes, and eventually sell/buy items you like.

3) Repurpose them

I’m not the most creative DIY-er, but there are plenty of blogs and Pinterest how-tos out there that help you repurpose clothing you no longer want. Buzzfeed posted 39 ways to reuse, restyle and repurpose your old t-shirts (we all have dozens of those), check it out here! Also yours truly posted a Pepperminting DIY workout tank that turned out darn cute!


4) Donate shoes to Soles4Souls

A really great charity opportunity is Soles4Souls, and they collect and distribute donated shoes all around the world. There are various drop off locations you can search on the website, or better yet, host a shoe drive in your community and gather even more pairs to donate.

5) Drop off towels and blankets to your local animal shelter

You know this post wouldn’t be complete without a mention to help animals! If you decide to buy a new set of towels or sheets, don’t just throw the old ones away. Local animal shelters are constantly looking for new, soft bedding for cages that help soothe and calm new additions to the shelter. (While you’re at it, I was told they are always in need of detergent for massage loads of laundry, as well!)

SISTER TIP: Speaking of our furry four-legged friends, if you’re looking to buy a new pet bed, consider West Paw Design, which creates beds using recycled plastic goods!

What ideas do you have to repurpose or recycle your old clothing??

Yup… Overalls are Back.

YOU GUYS! I bought a pair of overalls and I’ve never been happier! They are SO cute and SO comfortable, I can’t even express to you how much I love them. I feel like I fell asleep and woke up in 1990 and I am diggin’ it.


Will these truly come back in style? Ehhhhhh… that is yet to be decided. HOWEVER, I WILL say that many celebrities have gotten on the overall trend! Rihanna, Kylie Jenner, Alessandra Ambrosia… if it’s good enough for them it’s good enough for me. 🙂



Snag these adorable stretch denim overalls from Target for $34.99 here!

Overalls Side View

Neoprene Asymmetrical Fun

IMG_7228Neoprene – a synthetic polymer resembling rubber, resistant to oil, heat, and weathering.

Asymmetrical – having parts or aspects that are unequal in some respect.

Rent the Runway – my favorite online company that allows you to rent fancy & fun outfits for a weekend at a reasonable cost!


Put those three together, and you’ve got the coolest outfit I’ve worn this whole summer! My sister got engaged this past weekend (future wedding posts to come!) so I knew I wanted to rent a super chic, cool dress to celebrate the occasion. This David Koma asymmetrical crop top and skirt are so fun together and the most unique combination I’ve seen on the website in a while.


What do you think of this look?? Have you tried Rent the Runway yet?

Simple DIY Patriotic Tank

The 4th of the July is approaching quickly, and rather than spending money on a generic American flag tee again this year, I thought I’d make something cute on my own! I’ve seen racer back tank tops with bows before, and this holiday seems like the perfect opportunity to show off this fun, casual look.


I grabbed a white racer tank from Old Navy for under 10 bucks, and a spool of fun, patriotic ribbon from Michael’s. Make sure the ribbon does not have wire in it, and it’s big enough to make a bow! Tie the bow around the racer back straps, and let the bottom hang down as much as you’d like. It’s such a simple, non-permanent way to show off your patriotism, I got tons of compliments! They kind of look like little American wings on my back. 🙂 🙂


Happy Fourth of July, all!

Headed to a Concert? Save the Money and Make Your Own Fan Shirt

Headed to a Concert? Save the Money and Make Your Own Fan Shirt

Summer is concert season, and I hit up the Drake vs Lil Wayne concert in Chicago Sunday! It was INCREDIBLE, to put it mildly. Let’s swoon over dancing Drakes for a moment, shall we?

Drake Dancing GIf

Oh yes.

Drake dancing

Get it Drizzy.



I knew I needed a charming, one-of-a-kind shirt to express my love for Drizzy’s witty verses and lovable Canadian ways, but after scouring the internet for cute Drake shirts, I realized I wasn’t going to find anything good. So, I decided to make one myself, using an iron-on transfer!

If you’ve never used iron-on transfers, you are truly missing out on a creative opportunity for your clothes. They’re SO easy to do (just print a design on the transfer paper, then iron it on any shirt for 90 seconds), inexpensive, and there’s no limit to what you can design! I bought my transfer sheets from Michael’s for $6 (after using a 40% off coupon), and the super comfy/loose tank top was only $5 from H&M.

After pondering my favorite Drake lyrics for a couple of days, I settled on one of my all time favorites from his first hit single “Best I Ever Had”. Uh, yeah, every girl’s dream: a guy who likes her better au naturel.

Sweatpants hair tiedSISTER TIPS for iron-ons:

  • Make sure you print your graphic using “mirror settings” so it isn’t backwards on the shirt.
  • Trim around the edges of your design as much as possible (see below).
  • While ironing, press SUPER hard and glide slowly over all the edges of the design.
  • Wait until the transfer cools completely before peeling off the back.


Mix in some leather shorts and wedge sneaks, and I am so OVO ready. 🙂

Iron On Shirt