Sheer Perfection

Sheer Perfection

Chiffon and sheer blouses are so fetch right now. They are the perfect way to add femininity to your look without revealing too much. Before I buy a sheer blouse, I always ask myself: can I pull this trend off without looking looking like I forgot half of my top? One key is layering. Since you’re bound to show off what’s underneath a sheer shirt, slip it on over a nude cami or a plain, black bra. You can also pair your sexy sheer blouse with a fitted blazer for a night out! Here are some other helpful tips for your hot peekaboo look:

Pair it with a pattern.      Fun, patterned pants or a skirt can really spice up a neutral, sheer top. Finish it off with beach waves and a trendy bag and you’re good to go for daytime or office casual look.

Sears Short Sleeve Chiffon Shirt
Sears Chiffon Shirt $18.19

Try a bold color.      Although white and black appear to be the most common colors for these lovely blouses, a deep, bold color will make your outfit pop. Highlight this look with a complimenting, spiked plum lipstick.

Tilly's Sheer Peasant Blouse $26.99
Tilly’s Sheer Peasant Blouse $26.99

Hi-low is your best friend.      Hi-low sheer tops that can be paired perfectly with leggings or jeans for an friendly, soft look. Be sure to accessorize with chunky bracelets and dark nails for your fall outing!

Forever 21 Sheer Paneled Shirt
Forever 21 Sheer Paneled Shirt $19.80

Add a Collar      Blouses with sheer collars are very sophisticated and unique. There are tons of sites with DIY Peter Pan collar instructions and the best part is, they’re reusable! 

Asos Swing Collar Blouse $53.39
Asos Swing Collar Blouse $53.39

Play with Pockets       Although you may not get away with actually using these see-through pockets, they are a great way to add dimension to your blouse. Tuck this top into a high-waisted skirt and you’re ready for any work meeting or happy hour that comes your way.

Painter's Buttoned Blouse
Francesca’s Painter’s Buttoned Blouse $38.00

For more sheer bliss, check out some celebrity looks!

Kate Bosworth
Maggie Graves
Vera Farmiga
Model Nikki Phillips

Photos by: Joella Marano